Dr. Bougainvillea Whitsun



The daughter of Amelia Williams, a historian from Dare county, North Carolina, and Thomas Whitsun a British archaeologist, Bo spent her early childhood in England. When she was 11, her parents died in an automobile accident. Since her father had no immediate family, and she had no brothers or sisters, she returned to North Carolina to live with her grandmother.

After finishing high school, she went to Brown, where she got her bachelors in anthropology. She later completed her masters and doctoral work in anthropology and archaeology at Oxford. While she was there, she encountered and ultimately banished an evil spirit cursing the Summerian ruins which were the subject of her doctoral thesis. Fascinated and horrified in equal parts, she set her considerable intelligence to learning exactly what else existed and how she could defeat it.

For several years, she worked as an associate professor in several schools in the Northeast, banishing the ghosts of suicidal students, countering the effects of monkey’s paw curses invoked by overstressed pre-meds, and generally trying to prevent as much death as possible. She also did quite a bit of archaeology, focusing on lost Native American sites, early western settlements, and old graveyards. She was working at Smith when she found out that her grandmother was having medical problems. Wanting to be there for the woman who took her in when her parents died, she arranged for a position at Roanoke University (RU), where an assistant professorship was open in Anthropology.

Dr. Bougainvillea Whitsun

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