When one looks at the simple crime statistics of Dare County, one sees mainly theft and burglary. However, this does not mean that there is no organized crime and the violence that comes with it.

There is almost no mafia presence in Dara County, but there are several gangs. These gangs are mostly clustered around Kill Devil Hills, where tourists and more urban population densities can be found. Their reason for being in Dare County is purely financial; between tourists and isolation (casual drug users in the middle of nowhere), drugs sell at a premium in the county; the difference in price between Dare County and nearby counties is nicknamed the “bridge tax.” The drugs of choice are crack, powder cocaine, and marijuana, tho the latter does not sell for as much as it can be (and is) grown in the area.

Because the primary motivation for being in the area is financial, while there is certainly violence, the gangs act much more like organized crime families than the gangbanger stereotype. In part, this means the violence is more carefully covered up, and periods of negotiated peace are more frequent.

Near the urban areas, one can find Bloods, Crips, Gangster Disciples and the outlaw biker gang the Pagans. There are, of course, several smaller gangs, but all of them are affiliated with one of the “big four” gangs in the area. The police often have difficulty finding real gang members because “wannabes,” kids imitating gangster fashion, serve as an unintentional screen for real gang activity.

The local Bloods are lead by Donald “Face” Shealey, and remains an entirely Afro-American gang. Because the motivation for being in the area is mainly profit, the Crips (headed by Kevin “M.T.” Wells) and Gangster Disciples (headed by Montral “Terminator” Sloan) have been recruiting from other races, and have more than their fair share of female members, though men still outnumber the women by a fair margin.

The Pagans are another matter entirely. While gang member of any affiliation might flee to the more “country” parts of Dare County when the heat is on, the Pagans are more comfortable in and seen more often in the country. This is likely in part due to their nearly all-white membership and connections to the Aryan Brotherhood, though this has not stopped them from doing amiable business with the other gangs. Under the leadership of Gregor Smithee, his gang has a near-monopoly on short distance courier / smuggling work within the county.

There is one finger of the “traditional” mafia in the area. The Napoli family does most of the money-laundering and fencing in the area. Given the sheer amount burglary and theft in Dare county, the latter business is extremely lucrative. The most well-known member of the family is the high-end fence Catherine “Cat” Napoli, though she has not been seen for several months.


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