Eastern Vampire

zface__348x381___274x300_.jpg There are many types of vampires from around the world. In Europe, two types were generally seen, one associated with Eastern Europe and the other associated with Western Europe. The so-called “Eastern Vampire” is the former type, not to be confused with any sort vampire-like creature from Asia.

When someone is killed “before their time” through supernatural means, they may rise as an Eastern Vampire. It is not clear what circumstances lead to the accidental occurrence of such beings, but there is a black magick ritual that makes such beings much, much more likely to rise and puts them under the control of the caster.

While matching traditional East European vampire tropes, a modern person is more likely to think an Eastern Vampire is a zombie. Eastern Vampires are walking corpses, leathery skin stretched over bones, the wounds of whatever killed them still visible. They are not very smart, but they have a low sort of cunning and they remember things from when they were alive, though the have no attachment to anyone or any thing from their former life.

Eastern Vampires have a short lifespan. Left alone, they last only until they were “supposed” to die if supernatural forces had not intervened, whereupon they turn to dust.

Any sort of damage slows them down, and they can only heal by tricking a human into dying via an “accident” or being given human blood by another person or creature. In the former case, the Eastern Vampire feeds on the life force of the victim, and sometimes drinks the victim’s blood, though in that case it is not strictly necessary to do so. In Europe, these vampires often fed by tricking their relatives into lethal situations, as they knew those victims best.

An Eastern Vampire can be instantly killed by something resembling they way they were “supposed” to die, though if they were fated to die of, say, cancer, that might be hard to arrange. Otherwise, enough damage from a holy weapon can kill them, and they can usually be laid to rest by having a mass for the dead said for them. The more traditional the mass, and the more closely it resembles what the vampire would have preferred in life, the more likely it is to work.

They are also repelled by roses. Many young lovers have avoided death without knowing due to this charm, and rose thorns can be used to create a fence that Eastern Vampires will not cross. Sunlight, however, doesn’t bother them at all.

Because of the way they were stolen from their natural lifespan, Eastern Vampires warp time around them. Watches stop in their presence, and computers often crash when their internal clocks stop working as well. Time itself stutters as these creatures move, especially while they are feeding.

Eastern Vampires are very strong, stronger than even many werewolves. While they move very slowly, they can speed up and slow down time to some degree, which makes it seem like they are moving at a lightning speed.

Eastern Vampire

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