It is said by some of those who study the kabalah that God created a sort of first draft of the universe, which he then destroyed. The leftover pieces or shells of that universe are called qlippoth correspond to the sephirot of the Tree of Life, and try to break into our world and takes its energy as their own.

The qlippoth that corresponds to Malkuth, the material world, is ruled by Lilith, queen of the carnal pleasures. However, not all of her minions are quite as “pleasant” as she is, such as the Tzephariron.

The Tzephariron are partially living yet decaying corpses, crawling with maggots who are, themselves, undead. If they stop moving, one can see that they are wreathed in yellow flame, which makes it difficult for them to pose as normal corpses, though some of them try. They can also take the form of a wolf or a jackal.

They are not very intelligent, at least not at first, but they are very difficult to kill. Sorcerers of the Left Hand Path use them to strip away the material in order to reveal the magical, creating dangerous and streamlined rituals.

If left to their own devices, they will literally strip skin, flesh, and bone from a person while they let live, releasing their spirit, which has been corrupted by the process. This spirit may then possess another person, killing them, and creating another member of Tzephariron. They are also infamous for doing this to magical weapons.

Like many qlippothic entities, Tzephariron start as merely a bundle of urges, but connected by a hive-mind. The more there are, the smarter they all become. Places where carnal pleasures, particularly willing incest, have occurred can sometimes create enough of a weakness in the fabric of Malkuth to allow a Tzephariron in spirit-form into the material world. It is said they can only be driven away by an angry woman.


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